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Different types of industrial wooden crates should be used in different situations

Update time  2021-01-08 17:52 read:

  Industrial wooden packaging boxes are a very popular packaging method. Products using industrial wooden packaging boxes can protect the safety during transportation. The use of industrial wooden packaging machinery and equipment can avoid many problems such as transportation, rust and corrosion of porcelain. For fragile items, the use of wooden box packaging can protect the product from damage. Next, the wooden box production equipment manufacturer will introduce to you which type of industrial wooden box should be used in different situations.


  Industrial wooden packaging boxes are made of wood, which meets the requirements of environmental protection. Wooden box packaging has a high-quality strength-to-weight ratio, has a certain degree of ductility, and can withstand the impact of shock, vibration and heavy pressure. The disadvantages are shrinkage, expansion, decay, flammability, and susceptibility to diseases and pests. There is not only one type of industrial wooden packaging box, but also different types of wooden box packaging have different main uses.

   1. Ordinary wooden box: wooden box made of car body, box file, etc. The weight of the loaded items is limited to less than 200kg from the side. End face, bottom and lid.

  2. Sliding wooden box: It is a medium-sized wooden box, and the content is limited to 200-1500kg. The total length, width and height of the external specifications are limited to 7m in width and less than 1.5m in height. The key is used for the packaging of mechanical products, and can also be used for the consolidation of large goods. Therefore, it is suitable as a wooden box for packaging medium-sized products.

  3. Frame wooden box: The side and end faces are selected from the frame type structure of the box file, and the chassis is selected from the wooden box made of sliding wood structure. The frame wooden box is a large wooden box. Generally, the outer length of the frame wooden box is less than 12m. The outer width is less than 3.5m, and the outer height is less than 3.5m. The weight of the contents is within 500-20000kg. This kind of wooden box is mainly used for packaging large mechanical products, and can also be used for packaging large items. The frame wooden box can be divided into Type I (internal frame wooden box) according to the structure, which is suitable for general articles. Class Ⅱ (outer frame wooden box), suitable for the entire length direction. This is a new type of packaging that can be recycled continuously. It is suitable for packaging irregular products, such as fasteners, metal material balls, stamping parts, etc.

  4. Bamboo plywood box: use wood as the frame or box file. A wooden box made of bamboo plywood or wood plywood.

   5. Removable steel side box: foldable and detachable plywood packing box, the connecting parts are made of manually laminated multi-layer plywood. In order to ensure that the quality of the packaging box is durable, and to protect the integrity of the goods throughout the process.

   The above is what the manufacturer of wooden box production equipment will introduce to you today about which type of industrial wooden box should be used in different situations.