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The advantages and points of attention of wooden box packaging in logistics express

Update time  2021-01-08 18:37 read:

 With fierce competition in the logistics industry, improving packaging efficiency and reducing packaging costs have become an important issue considered by the logistics industry. Wooden case production equipment manufacturers briefly describe the following conveniences and points for attention to wooden case packaging that can bring logistics companies.



   1. The convenient disassembly and assembly characteristics of wooden packaging boxes can help logistics express companies improve packaging efficiency and reduce packaging labor costs.

  2. The reusable characteristics of wooden packaging boxes can help logistics express companies to recycle within the system and reduce packaging costs.

  3. Our wooden packing boxes are suitable for all kinds of forklifts, trailers, etc.

  4. The stackability of wooden packaging boxes eliminates the need for shelves during storage, which can optimize storage space.

  5. The appearance of the wooden packing box is beautiful, which can improve the service image of the logistics enterprise.

  Wooden Box Packing Points for Attention to the Wooden Boxes of Goods Exported to the EU:

  (1) Implement quarantine and issue a "phytosanitary certificate" for the coniferous wooden box packaging in the non-infected area;

   (2) Use coniferous wooden boxes from the epidemic area to be packaged, and the pest control treatment must be carried out and a "phytosanitary certificate" must be issued before export;

  (3) For those who use non-coniferous tree boxes for packaging and need to issue an inspection and quarantine certificate, they can apply for inspection to the inspection and quarantine agency, and after the wooden box packaging is decontaminated, the "Fumigation/Disinfection Certificate" will be issued if the treatment is qualified.

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