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How to judge whether the wooden packing box is qualified

Update time  2021-01-08 18:12 read:

  How to judge whether the wooden crates are qualified? This is a question that every manufacturer cares about during the production of wooden crates. As a senior manufacturer engaged in wooden box packaging for more than ten years, the wooden box production equipment company has established a set of experience standards for judging whether wooden boxes are qualified. Let us introduce them in detail below.


  一: Just to see if its cleaning meets the requirements

   It may be necessary to ensure that the inner wall of the wooden box is clean and tidy, and free of dirt, peculiar smell and peculiar smell.

   Two: When I checked, I thought it complied with the relevant standards. You can imagine that there are many wooden boxes that can be created at a glance. It is not a good habit to check one by one. Checking in during the exercise is enough. You must select batches. This means that you can use the same materials, the same technology, the same specifications, and the same delivery time as the batch. Then record the relevant number for future verification. Of course, we may use random sampling for verification.

  3: Specification for quality verification of wooden boxes

   During quality verification, verification will be carried out from multiple aspects, but if the following verification conditions are met, more qualified wooden boxes can be produced. The packaging has been certified.

   Of course, serious shortcomings are not the only criterion to determine whether they meet the standard. In addition, our minor flaws are standards related to my judgment. If there are other minor defects, we also consider the crate to be unqualified.

   These detailed common knowledge about whether the wooden box is qualified or not, we need to constantly grasp the relevant common sense, we need to know in detail, knowing these can let us have a very good grasp of the wooden box inspection specifications.