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common problem

A brief analysis of eight structural features of steel side boxes by Hangzhou steel side production equipment manufacturers

Update time  2021-01-08 17:29 read:

  Steel box packaging can greatly enhance the image of the product and the company. It is one of the main products of our company. The steel side box is usually a special structure of galvanized steel belt combined with a tongue-shaped lock, detachable and foldable plywood packaging box. Today, the editor of the Hangzhou steel-side production equipment manufacturer will introduce the structural characteristics of the steel-side box.


  1. The board is flat and can print advertisements, which improves the image of the product and the company.

  2, light weight, the weight is only 30%-40% of traditional products.

  3. It can be disassembled at will, and the assembly is simple and convenient, which greatly saves the area and effectively saves the transportation and storage space.

  4. There are various types of steel side boxes, which can be designed and processed according to drawings, and customized for customers.

  5. Excellent weather tolerance, good waterproof performance, adapt to various harsh climates from tropical to cold zone.

  6. It is suitable for products of various sizes and can be customized according to customer requirements.

  7. The materials meet the quarantine requirements of export commodities, free of fumigation and quarantine, and are suitable for international long-distance logistics.

   8. A large number of recyclable materials are used to save resources and protect the environment.

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