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What are the steps for packing a wooden box?

Update time  2021-01-08 17:44 read:

  What are the packaging steps for wooden boxes? There are many ways to pack wooden boxes. The following editor will talk about the common wooden box packaging methods for wooden box production equipment. I hope the content can help you.


1 First, use solid wood slats or composite boards to make the base of the wooden box. The base of the wooden box has to bear the weight of the goods to be packaged. The method of the base is to first lay three 5*10 pads at the bottom, and then Pave solid wood panels on the top more demand. After the solid wood panels are laid, a plywood can be laid on top for leveling.

  2 Make the four sides and top cover of the wooden box, first cut the plywood to the required specifications with a chainsaw, and then use solid wood or plywood to make a frame around the plywood, which can be made into a Japanese or Tian font according to requirements

  3 Put the goods you need to pack on the base of the wooden box, and fix the goods with the base with wood. If it is a carton product, you don’t need wood to fix it, just put it on the base of the wooden box.

4 Put the finished four sides on the four corners of the wooden box correspondingly, and then fix the four sides with the four corners of the wooden box base with iron nails, and use iron nails to connect the four sides. stand up

  5 Finally, put the top cover of the finished wooden box on the top of the wooden box, reinforce it with iron nails, and pack it in a wooden box.

   in order to let everyone more intuitively understand the structure of wooden box packaging, the process of wooden box packaging, and the method of wooden box packaging.