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Briefly introduce the production process and advantages of steel belt wooden boxes

Update time  2021-02-25 11:50 read:

  The wooden box steel belt machine is movable, convenient to carry, beautiful in appearance, stable and durable after pressing, and can be exported without inspection or quarantine, and can be exported directly. The steel strip crates are completely sealed and are suitable for precision equipment. Cost-effective ordinary aseptic packaging boxes and ordinary structural plywood packaging boxes are more competitive, for example in the expensive electronic and electrical, telecommunications equipment and pharmaceutical industries. The following editor of the wooden box steel belt machine manufacturer introduces the production process and advantages of the steel belt wooden box.


  Cut the steel packing boxes that do not need to be checked into the required size according to the required size: wooden box bottom plate, wooden box square pillars (flat wooden piers and plywood square pillars according to customer needs), wooden box feet, front and rear panels of the wooden box, The left and right panels of the wooden box. When cutting plywood larger than 9mm, the cutting surface of the edge of the plywood should be at a 45-degree angle, so that the 90-degree angle steel bar of the plywood can better connect the two plywood.

  Steel belt manufacturing: Purchase a series of equipment that specializes in manufacturing wooden box steel belts. According to the external dimensions of the wooden box, we can manufacture suitable steel belts. You can adjust the size of the steel belt and adjust the tongue holes on both sides of the steel belt. The width of the steel belt depends on the size of the wooden box, and the total width is 42.5 mm. It is used for wooden boxes with a length and width of 1.2 m or more and a width of 36 mm.

  Assemble the steel belt wooden box: first attach the steel belt, press the wooden belt on the bottom plate of the wooden box pallet, then combine the square pillars and legs of the bottom plate with iron nails to form a pallet, and then fasten the steel belt. They are pressed into the surrounding plates and cover plates by a press, and they are usually transported to the site and then assembled into wooden boxes. The round hole steel belt can be directly used for the tongueless steel belt, can be used for crates and cannot be disassembled.

   The product has a series of advantages such as reliable connection, beautiful appearance, reusability, light weight and inspection-free wooden box, which is convenient for loading and unloading. Inspection-free wooden boxes are widely used abroad and are often used for packaging export products.