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Talking about the assembly and characteristics of the steel belt wooden box?

Update time  2021-03-04 11:54 read:

  Steel belt wooden box assembly: first use a wooden box steel belt machine to press the steel belt on the bottom plate of the wooden box pallet, then combine the square columns and legs with iron nails to make the pallet, and then make the steel belt. The press is pressed on the surrounding panels and covers, and is usually transported to the site, and then packed in a wooden box. The steel belt with round holes directly on the steel belt does not require a buckle tongue. It is used on a wooden box and cannot be disassembled.


  The product has a series of advantages such as reliable connection, beautiful appearance, reusable, lightweight, and easy loading and unloading of inspection-free wooden boxes. Inspection-free wooden boxes are widely used abroad and are often used for packaging export products.

  Features of wooden box with steel belt

Detachable, convenient for transportation, beautiful appearance, the steel belt press is compacted and the structure is stable, strong and durable. It can be sold domestically and exported, especially for export. It does not require inspection and quarantine, and can be directly exported. The most distinctive feature is the steel belt wood. The box is fully sealed, suitable for precision instruments, valuable electronic and electrical, telecommunications equipment and pharmaceutical industries, and the cost performance is generally more competitive.

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