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What are the main equipment for the production of steel side boxes

Update time  2021-12-10 16:33 read:

   The steel side box, also called the steel belt box, is a foldable and detachable plywood packing box with galvanized steel belt and tongue lock. The connectors are stamping-grade cold-rolled galvanized steel strips and tongue buckles. The plates used are artificially compounded multi-layer plywood to ensure the quality of the packaging box is firm and durable, and to protect the safety of the goods during the entire process. There are mainly the following types of equipment for the production of steel side boxes. Let's take a look with the editor of the Hangzhou steel side box production equipment manufacturer.


   1. Raw material cutting equipment, used to cut raw plywood boards, requires two people to operate normally and cut accurately.

   2. The steel side box steel belt production equipment is fully automatic production equipment. There are mainly two types of steel side box steel belt forming equipment: one is to produce hoarding steel belts, and the other is to produce upper and lower cover steel belts. .

  3. The stamping equipment is a special equipment that combines the steel-side box steel belt with the plywood board. It is mainly used to press the steel-side box steel belt on the wood board to make it tightly integrated, which is the same as the principle of the stapler.

  4. Pneumatic nail gun is mainly used to fix wooden supports, operated by workers and fixed on it.

   5. Wrap the steel side box with stretch wrap film and submit it to the customer.