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The steel side box manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction to the types of steel side boxes

Update time  2021-11-27 15:31 read:

   The steel side box is a wooden box packaging that is widely used at this stage. It is made of multi-layer plywood, a special structure of galvanized steel strips combined with tongue-shaped locks, and a combination of six plywood panels, foldable and detachable The plywood packing box is made of stamping-grade cold-rolled galvanized steel strips and tongue-shaped fasteners to ensure the quality of the packing box is sturdy and durable, and protect the safety of the goods in the whole process; at the same time, considering that the steel side box can be disassembled at will , At the same time, the assembly is simple and fast. Whether it is quality inspection or on-site management, it will save large-scale work time, especially for large-scale products to carry out on-site real-time assembly or disassembly, which is a zero-inventory packaging box for enterprises. But, you know, there are actually more than one type of steel side boxes, and there are many other types of steel side boxes. Next, the steel side box manufacturer will come to discuss the type of this steel side box with everyone.


   In addition to the more common flat steel side boxes, the steel side boxes on the market include column-type steel side boxes, box-type steel side boxes, wheeled steel side boxes, skateboard steel side boxes, special steel side boxes, etc. To be more specific, that is to say:

   1. Flat steel side boxes are relatively common steel side boxes. When classified according to the table, there are four types of flat steel side boxes: single-sided, single-sided, double-sided, and airfoil. According to the driving direction of the forklift, there are three types of flat steel side boxes: one-way fork-in type, two-way fork-in type, and four-way fork-in type; according to the classification of materials, flat steel side boxes include wooden flat steel side boxes and steel flat boxes. Steel side boxes, composite flat steel side boxes, etc. Flat steel side boxes are versatile, versatile and practical.

  2. Box-type steel-side box is a steel-side box with side panels on all sides. Some boxes have a top plate, and some boxes do not have a top plate. The box board is divided into three types: fixed type, folding type and detachable type. For the plate type, fence type and net type, box-type steel side boxes with fence-type fences are also called cage-type steel side boxes or warehouse cages.

   Steel side boxes can be roughly divided into two types. One is a six-sided steel-sided box combination, which refers to the six sides of a packaging box made of steel edges and plywood. Fully sealed steel sides. Structurally, the other four sides are made of steel rims and tongue-shaped buckles. When assembling, insert the four sides and bottom of the bracket together, and then close the cover. The other is a two-row steel side box with round holes with a top cover. The four sides of the bottom bracket are made of two rows of steel belts with round holes. The round holes can be flattened and carried, making it easy to assemble.

  Skateboard steel side box is a flat plate with wings on one or more sides, used to transport, store or transport goods or products in the form of unit load. Special steel side boxes are steel side boxes used when high-speed operation is required, such as special steel side boxes for tires, steel side boxes for flat glass containers, and long steel side boxes.