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Share how to do a good job in the protection of wooden boxes

Update time  2021-03-12 11:18 read:

   Currently, many products are packed in crates, but no one is particularly clear about the protection of crates. Especially for many people who don’t know about wooden boxes, what should we pay attention to when storing wooden boxes? What measures need to be taken to prevent the wooden boxes from getting damp? The editor of the wooden box steel belt machine manufacturer will introduce to you, how Do a good job in the protection of wooden boxes? I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


   1. When using wooden boxes, they must be firmly protected from moisture. Especially when storing wooden boxes, it is easy to produce moisture. The solution is to add a moisture barrier to the crate. Add a crate and a suitable desiccant.

  Secondly, in the process of transporting wooden boxes, wooden boxes must also be impact-resistant packaging. Depending on the length of the transportation and road conditions, this requires different impact resistance methods. It is more common to add straw, foam, etc. to the car.

  3. In addition, the rain-proof packaging of the wooden box must be firm. A common rainproof measure is to wrap the entire wooden box with plastic film to prevent the items in the wooden box from getting wet.

  4. When storing crates, they should be placed in a dry and ventilated place to prevent the crates from getting damp. Sometimes the crates must be checked for bacteria.

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