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Introduce what are the safety problems of steel belt wooden box transportation

Update time  2021-03-20 17:55 read:

   Usually people think that the packaging of steel-side boxes is not environmentally friendly, custom-made steel-side boxes are slow, steel-side boxes have a long production cycle, steel-side boxes are inconvenient to pack and transport, etc., in fact, it is not. The transportation of steel side boxes is actually very convenient. You only need to pay attention to some safety issues in transportation. The editor of the wooden box steel belt machine manufacturer will introduce the safety problems of the steel belt and wooden box transportation.


   1. The equipment with normal equipment shape can be directly installed on the vehicle, and the wooden box with steel belt can be bundled and transported as required.

  2. After using a chain hoist or a special rope tensioning device to fix the steel belt crates on both sides of the carriage, higher equipment must be transported.

   3. More complex equipment should be equipped with non-slip wood and shock-absorbing pads.

  4. With the growth of equipment, there should be multiple stress points that maintain balanced contact with the bracket at the same time (if necessary, please add a load-bearing balanced steel belt wooden box base).

   5. Be careful when transporting steel strips and crates. Drivers with extensive experience in transportation equipment need to drive at a constant speed while driving.

  6. Please check the transportation route in advance. If the road conditions are particularly bad, please take a break or change the transportation route in advance.

  7 Please note that transportation in rainy weather or strong wind is strictly prohibited.

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