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Take you to understand the production process of the wooden box steel belt buckle machine

Update time  2021-03-29 08:51 read:

  The production of steel belt wooden boxes requires the purchase of a set of equipment dedicated to the production of steel belt wooden box buttoning machines. Wooden box buttoning machine manufacturers mainly have two methods: one is a combination of steel belts and male buckles. The production method is that the bottom cover and the upper cover are surrounded by steel belts. The left and right plates are the parts of the male buckle. The rear plate is upper and lower male buckles, and the vertical surface is steel belt. One is a combination of male buckle and female buckle, which is different from steel wooden boxes, which are steel belts and steel wooden boxes.


  The main reason is to place the female buckle in a place that is easy to disassemble. The use of steel side boxes can make the product image larger, the company image can also be greatly improved, the safety performance is more stable, the phenomenon of missing nails and fewer nails is reduced, and the logistics cost is reduced.

  According to the size provided by the customer, use a precision sliding table saw to cut the bottom plate, cover plate, front and rear plates and left and right plates of the required size. According to customer requirements, the edge of the plywood can also be cut at a 45-degree angle so that the two plywood can be connected more closely.

Production of steel side boxes: According to the size, use a steel belt machine to punch out the bottom cover steel belt and height column of the steel belt wooden box, and then press the steel belt to the bottom, punch the board and cover with a punch, and press it tightly Bottom steel belt. After finishing, nail the bottom square strip according to the customer's requirements; then, according to the data size of the bottom cover steel strip, fasten the upper and lower parts of the left and right plates and the long sides of the front and rear plates with a buckle machine. The height of the front and back plates is then used for the cylindrical steel belt. Then connect them to complete them.