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Treatment Measures to Prevent Mold in Wooden Packing Boxes

Update time  2021-04-07 08:48 read:

   The main raw material for crates is wood, but it also has the disadvantage of growing mold over time. However, wood packaging is widely used because it is strong, easy to access, and resistant to moisture. This product is widely used in the transportation and outer packaging of logistics, mechanical and electrical equipment, ceramic building materials, hardware appliances, precision equipment, fragile commodities and super-large items. The materials meet the quarantine requirements of export commodities. How to prevent moldy wooden boxes has become a key issue. Let's learn the treatment measures to prevent moldy in wooden boxes with the editor of the wooden box deduction machine manufacturer:



   1. Fumigation: This method is mainly used to kill insects exported in large packages, and the shelf life is relatively short. It has little effect on the growth of mold.

  2. Heat treatment: Due to the required equipment and high processing costs, the moisture content of the wood can be reduced, but the fundamental problem cannot be solved.

  3. Drying: This method can solve most problems, but the cost is high.

   I hope you will pay attention to it in future use and avoid placing the wooden packaging box in an environment prone to mold. After reading this article, have your problem been solved? Have you learned anything? If you think this article is well written, please pay attention to our website. We will update some new knowledge on the website regularly for Everybody browses and reads. Thank you for reading this article.